!!! 20TH ANNIVERSARY 2014 !!!


Hi friends and followers (of the flames)...

Some of you guys might have possibly recognized our new facebook-banner. Unbelievable but true… but we’re having our 20th anniversary this year!!!  20 years – that means 16 years without Facebook and even 6 years without internet and e-mail (some older guys might remember the good old tape-trading times with demo-tapes and handwritten letters…).
But 20 years also means tons of great shows all over Europe and 5 records, we are pretty proud of. And right now we’re putting finishing touches on our brandnew album, which will be entitled „Unchained“. The mix and mastering will be done once again by Swedish mastermind Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, Witherscape,…). Expect the release of „Unchained“ in early summer 2014, and also expect some special anniversary-shows as well!!!



“…the songs know to thrill with strong melodic guitar work…”    Rock Hard

“…a listening pleasure of string-duels and Maiden-accents...”   Metal Hammer

“…this album is bursting with strong melodies…”   Legacy

“…a strong death/ thrash rubdown with a top-production…”   Powermetal

“…the band presents one superlative after another...”   Pure-Metal

“…the best record of their career...”   Heavy-Hardes


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